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Fremont Economic Development Corporation is a professional economic development organization focused directly on business attraction, retention and expansion. With an established and growing network of business, academic and governmental partners, we directly assist companies with competitive location or expansion projects by connecting them with the right people, the appropriate resources and the most meaningful and relevant information.

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Live. Work. Play.

As remote work becomes a real option for more and more tech professionals, many are choosing to leave the rat race behind to experience our beautiful landscapes, amazing community, and restorative outdoor recreation.

Download our relocation brochure, and browse the content below to see what makes Fremont County the best place in Colorado to live, work, and play!

Relocation Brochure

Case Study:  Pax8

Pax8 is the fastest growing extra-large business in Denver. They’re choosing to invest in Fremont County, and create remote jobs here.  Find out why in this cutting edge tech company considers TechStart and the Emergent Campus a perfect fit for their rural engagement opportunities.

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Case Study:  Second 61

Based in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, Second-61 strategically made its home in Fremont County.  See why that gives them a competitive edge over other business in their industry, and how they’re helping customers to realize cyber security, network operations, and application dominance.

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Case Study:  Barn Owl

Barn Owl uses drones, and robotics to increase crop yields, and cut costs.  See why this tech enabled agriculturally focused company chose to set up their home base in Fremont county, and how they’re securing funding, and drawing on the resources available through our local Tech Sector Partnership.

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